Monday, June 16, 2014

Rules to Managing Stress

Managing Stress
At Work

More than 36% of workers report that they feel “stressed out” during the workday, based on the 2011 stress in the workplace survey of 1,546 U.S. workers by the American Psychological Association.

For most workers, it’s annoying, everyday hassles that make up the bulk of work stress- communication failures, poor teamwork, delays and numerous other obstacles that interfere with work.

Other stressors are harder to control. Frequent changes in technology, job insecurity and an unpredictable economy produce confusion and worry. Nevertheless, we’re required to perform responsibly and effectively. That includes learning to tolerate stressors big and small. These steps may help:
  • Talk with colleagues or friends you trust about the work issues you’re facing. They may provide insights or offer ideas for coping.
  • Stay flexible. Frequent change in the workplace is normal and potentially positive.
  • Be vigilant about your health. Get regular exercise and plenty of sleep, and eat a healthy diet. When you feel strong, you’ll cope better.
  • Believe in yourself. When you feel uncertain about the future recalling past achievements can help restore your confidence, hope and sense of control

Keep your perspective. Ask yourself, is this thing worth stressing about? It won’t be. When you see the difference, you can control the stress rather than let it control you.

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